Michigan Stars Welcome The Prospect of An MLS Team in Detroit

There has been much buzz over the last few weeks about the MLS coming to Detroit. From talks of a stadium going where the failed jail stands now to a great amount of reaction surrounding what it would take to make this dream a reality. The soccer community in Metro Detroit has reacted with notably mixed reviews.

"The national explosion of the game from grass roots to the pro levels is nothing short of astronomical" Stars' head coach Andy Wagstaff claims. While originally from England, Wagstaff has called Michigan home for the last 25 years. "For Detroit to potentially get a team in the MLS is very exciting.  Selfishly, I want to see this fantastic state of Michigan and vibrant City of Detroit get awarded this opportunity because it will unite the soccer community here."

...it will unite the soccer community here
— Andy Wagstaff

Both Wagstaff and Dr. Ned Fawaz, owner of the Michigan Stars, understand the value that having an MLS team could bring to the soccer community. "We are excited to see the MLS expand to Detroit" Dr. Fawaz noted, "this will help expand the interest in soccer and will allow for Detroit to compete nationally in this amazing sport." 

Wagstaff agrees that adding an MLS team would only help to expand the soccer community in Michigan. "We have some fantastic fans in Michigan from the Bucks, DCFC, GRFC, AAFC, Lansing, Michigan Stars, Kalamazoo, etc." says Wagstaff "So to come together and support one MLS Detroit team would galvanize the soccer community and unite this great football mad state."

Everyone involved with the Stars is thrilled at the idea of a team and understands the difference between what the NPSL brings and what the MLS would offer. The Stars see the two working together to further the game of soccer in the Detroit area.

As Dr. Fawaz hopes "In the next decade, I believe we will see the interest in soccer explode in the United States." 

We look forward to the day when we can all come together for our Detroit MLS team, but for now, we will cheer for our respective NPSL, USL, and college teams.