Wagstaff Resigns As Michigan Stars FC’s Head Coach

Stellar Year Brings Reluctant Resignation Due To Other Commitments

Michigan Stars FC will start the 2017 season revamping their coaching staff due to the departure of their head coach. 

Last year, in Coach Andy Wagstaff’s first year at helm, the 2016 Nationals Premier Soccer League season found the Stars in good standing within the Great Lakes West Conference in which they finished just shy of getting into the playoffs. 

The season began with three straight ties and the Stars making their presence known in every single match they were in that year not to mention a few stand out games including the 2-1 win at AFC Ann Arbor midway through the season and the impressive 2-1 win in the last game at Detroit City FC.

Preparation for the 2017 season began as scheduled with the idea of Wagstaff at helm, however, after a long deliberation, Wagstaff knew that something needed to give in his schedule and the newest role was the one that needed to change.

Andy Wagstaff is the travel youth soccer club Liverpool FC Michigan owner as well as the Saginaw Valley State University men’s head coach and a US Soccer Scout.  Despite making it all work last year with honorable and competitive style, the other roles need to take precedence this year which will benefit many in the state under his direction.

“In the 2016 NPSL season as head coach of the Michigan Stars I had a fantastic experience. Initially when approached to coach the team by Shereef Akeel I was very flattered and accepted the position, even though I knew that being able to Coach the Stars as well as operate in all of my other roles would be a challenge.” stated Wagstaff.

Coach continued saying that “The Michigan Stars understood the numerous responsibilities I had but still took a chance on me. I feel like I repaid them for their faith in me as their head coach last year by helping the team finish in 3rd place missing out on the play offs by only a point. I was looking forward to helping the team get into the play offs this year and make a run at a national title, but I just felt overwhelmed between my other commitments at Liverpool FC IA Michigan and Saginaw Valley and felt it was time for me to focus my attention fully onto those two programs. Therefore, I have reluctantly decided to resign from the role as head coach.  The Stars board led by Club owner Dr. Ned Fawez, President Shereef Akeel and GM Chris Corteg treated professionalism and with the utmost class and integrity throughout my time as HC. I cannot thank them enough for their faith and confidence in me and will always be available to provide them with any consultancy or advice on any soccer matter as they move forward. I also want to thank the players from last year who made it so enjoyable, my assistant Coach Paul Doroh, and my other staff members Kelly Haapala and Jenna Taylor for doing such an outstanding job of helping me be prepared and ready for each game.”

“I eagerly await the upcoming season and am excited to see how the team progresses.”

The Stars are grateful to Wagstaff in helping the program excel last year and in creating this solid foundation in which the new head coach can build upon.

“Andy is a phenomenal professional and an excellent coach. We regret partying ways but we understand that because of his success and roles within the soccer community that his time commitment was very limited.” Stated Stars President, Shereef Akeel.

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