Michigan Stars Tie San Diego 1904 1-1

In Opening Game of the 2021 NISA Legends Cup
Published Apr 15, 2021

Game Summary

The Michigan Stars opened the 2021 NISA Legends Cup at Finley Stadium in Chattanooga, Tennessee, this afternoon at 12:00pm.  This was the first game played for the Stars since September 27, 2020.  The Stars added nine new faces to the roster this past offseason and two of the new Stars started in the match today against San Diego 1904. 

The match was played from start to finish with a quick tempo and pressure on the ball from the Michigan Stars.  Both teams struggled with cramping coming from the early afternoon heat on the hot sunny day in Chattanooga.  The Michigan Stars had more chances, more shots, and more control of the ball, but unfortunately gave up a late goal in extra time to San Diego 1904 to earn a 1-1 draw.

Scoring Summary

The Michigan Stars opened the scoring in the 60th minute as Alexander Satrustegui took advantage of a defensive error on a ball won by Zachary Reynolds and headed to Satrustegui who calmly volleyed the ball past the 1904 goaltender.  This was Alexander’s first goal as a player for the Michigan Stars.       

San Diego 1904 also took advantage of a defensive mistake by the Michigan Stars in 94th minute in extra time when the referee called a controversial penalty on Michigan Stars defender Joseph Aidoo.  The penalty was successfully converted by Ernesto Espinoza to tie the game at 1-1.  The game ended a few seconds after the kickoff.

Michigan Stars Game Recap

0:01 San Diego 1904 Kickoff

28:45 James Abraham received a yellow card

31:20 Corner kick earned by the Michigan Stars and headed just wide by Devin Amoo-Mensah

34:49 Steven Juncaj shot from the left side handled by the 1904 goaltender

37:45 Steven Juncaj shot from the center of the 18-yard box handled by the 1904 goaltender

45:00 Yellow card issued to 1904 Jaylon Cuttler
46:00 Alexander Satrustegui earner a corner kick for the Stars.  Saved by the 1904 goaltender

Halftime 0-0

45:00 Stars Kickoff -Bernardo Majano substituted due to injury by Andres Chalbaud.

45:00 Stars scoring chance by Alexander Satrustegui saved by 1904 goalkeeper

59:00 San Diego 1904 cross handled by Stars goalkeeper Tatenda Mkuruva.

60:00 Michigan Stars goal by Alexander Satrustegui assisted by Zachary Reynolds.

63:00 Stars goalkeeper Tatenda Mkuruva makes a great save on a shot by 1904

64:00 Stars defender Carl Schneider substituted by Brian Vang

66:43 Brian Vang receives yellow card

75:00 Stars James Abraham broke free on a breakaway and great save by 1904 goalkeeper

76:00 Zachary Reynolds of the Stars shot saved by 1904 goalkeeper

77:00 Stars goalkeeper Tatenda Mkuruva saved dangerous scoring opportunity by 1904

78:00 1904 weak shot saved by Tatenda Mkuruva

80:00 Hydration Break – Bryant Nardizzi substituted in for Alexander Satrustegui

84:00 Joseph Aidoo from Stars issued yellow card

89:00 Stars Steven Juncaj out with injury replaced by Tom Suchecki

92:00 Joseph Aidoo issued second yellow – Red Card

94:00 Goal by Ernesto Espinoza San Diego 1904 on PK

95:00 End of Game 1-1 tie